Average Cost of Car Maintenance

Average Cost of Car Maintenance

Possessing an automobile is an expensive proposal anywhere, however it’s especially so in Singapore.

Along with the high upfront cost of acquiring your automobile, you also have to spend for a COE and also insure your automobile before you could own. But also once you’ve hit the trail, a recurring expense you’ll need to pay if you want to make sure a lengthy life expectancy for your automobile is regular vehicle maintenance.

Yet what does it cost? should you be anticipating to pay to service your automobile? We took a look at several of the most prominent workshops in Singapore to find out.

Average Cost of Car Maintenance

Typical Cost of Car Maintenance

After analyzing quotes for auto maintenance from 3 major workshops, we discovered that the total cost of getting your automobile consistently serviced over a period of 5 years (translating to about 100,000 kilometres) would certainly set you back S$ 2,640 on average *.

Typically, cars will require both less costly regular maintenance and also occasional, more costly major maintenance in order to help keep your automobile ship-shape as it ages as well as accumulates gas mileage.

Generally, a routine servicing is typically suggested in intervals of every 10,000 kilometres you put on your car or every six months (whichever comes sooner), and sets you back about S$ 188. Significant servicing that entails the substitute of extra pricey components could set you back an average of S$ 425.

Below is an example maintenance schedule for a Toyota Corolla Altis at the Borneo Motors workshop.

For this model, Borneo Motors changes the engine oil, oil filter as well as drain plug gasket every normal maintenance, while checking or adjusting other crucial cars and truck components.

Throughout major maintenance, they change the aforementioned components along with the air filter, brake/clutch fluid, transmission liquid, engine coolant, differential fluid and standard-type ignition system.

As a rule, luxury vehicles set you back substantially even more to have actually serviced. They were left out from this research study so as not to distort average costs.

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