Why do people buy sport cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini

Why do people buy sport cars like Ferrari or Lamborghini

People like cars, not to show off but for the feel of it.

It’s like the excitement of riding a plane or when you were young and rode your bicycle. You feel the control, you hear the perfect engine sound, the aesthetics of the car, the way it just goes over bumps so float, or maybe even the sound system playing your favorite music.

It just makes my day being in one of those. Top speed isn’t that important to me but having acceleration is fun.

Some people even show more affection to their cars than people.

Lamborghini’s and Ferrari’s offer the ultimate in on road sports car satisfaction. They are often hand built precise engineering marvels that go FAST. Are they worth the premium over a Corvette? Probably not…but the folks who buy them have so much money it doesn’t really matter.

Besides, telling your friend you have a Lamborghini makes a much better statement than if you drive a Corvette.

If you are ever lucky enough to be able to drive one of these ultimate driving machines, you will understand.

Most of it is for the prestige however, just like a Bentley or a Rolls Royce would be.


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